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About Autonauts

Autonauts is a singleplayer game where you automate production with robots. Task these robots by programming the robots to harvest resources, transport items, craft various amounts of items, and feed colonists which help you progress throughout the game.

The main goal of the game is to automate as much as possible and help the colonists.

"Travel the universe colonising uninhabited planets with the sole goal of setting worlds in motion through the power of automation. Fresh from your spaceship you must harvest stick and stone and begin your colonisation efforts. Create rudimentary crafting items from blueprints and slowly build a number of workerbots to aid in your efforts. Teach and shape their artificial intelligence with a visual programming language, then instruct them to begin the formation of your colony. Marvel as a planet you’ve shaped becomes home to a civilisation of workerbots, happy to do your bidding! Expand further with the creation of colonists; beings that require your assistance to survive. Push your workerbots further by introducing fishing, cooking, housing, and tailoring and help the colonists into a state of transcendence." - Steam store page

Upcoming Updates

The content of these updates is subject to change.


Autonauts Survival

Autonauts Survival is a free expansion consisting of an entirely new gamemode where you defend your base against space pirates and raid their space outposts with battlebots.

Release date 


  • An entirely new gamemode
  • Build battlebots
  • Defend against Space Pirates using battlebots
  • Raid and loot Space Pirate outposts using battlebots
  • QoL : Share a script between bots
  • More to be revealed!



Q : Will I have to start a new save?
A : Yes, you will have to create a new save to start survival mode.


Q : But I don't like fighting!
A : You can safely continue colonise mode.


Q : Anything new for colonise mode?
A : New QoL features will made available.
Version History

'Age of Enlightenment'




  • Mods: ModBuilding.GetFuelMaxCapacity added.
  • Mods: ConverterCreateItem callback added.
  • Mods: ModBulding.SetRotation/GetRotation added.


  • Mods: Calling ModObject.AddObjectToColonistHouse without a Colonist in it the house would crash.
  • Mods: Calling ModObject.AddObjectToColonistHouse with a Painting wouldn't position it correctly on a Castle.
  • Mods: Calling ModObject.GetObjectProperties or ModConverter.GetConverterProperies would crash when used on a Blueprint.
  • Mods: Calling AddIngredientToSpecifiedConverter on a Converter when it didn't have power would still work.
  • Mods: Adding the last ingredient to a Converter using AddIngredientToSpecifiedConverter wouldn't use any energy.
  • Mods: Calling AddToStorage on Big Storage would multiply its capacity by 20.
  • Mods: Adding a Bucket of water to liquid Storage would store the Bucket rather than the water.
  • Mods: SetStorageQuantityStored would crash if the target value exceeded the storage capacity.
  • Mods: ConverterComplete callback was being called every time an item was created, instead of when the entire creation process was completed. This also no longer returns the UID of the item created. See ConverterCreateItem instead.
  • Mods: Objects added to a Converter via a mod (like Boxy Belts) could be picked up by player/bots.
  • Wheels on Carts/Wheelbarrows would rotate even when the bot using it was out of charge.
  • A bot's key would keep turning when it's out of charge.
  • Upgrading a converter would sometimes change the output object type.
  • Fishing Certificate wasn't completed when a Good Fishing Rod was made.
  • While holding a Log and a Small Backpack installed, using "Cycle Down/Up" would make the Backpack disappear.
  • A crash would happen if a Bucket was made to contain a non-liquid.
  • Pressing ESC while starting a new world could crash.
  • Moving Belts in Edit mode would sometimes crash.
  • White blur lines would sometimes appear, stretched across the screen.




  • Mods: Storage can now be assigned the item type (ModStorage.AssignStorageItemType)
  • Mods: Buildings can now have their name set (ModBuilding.SetBuildingName)
  • Mods: Ability to show/hide the access point for buildings (ModBuilding.ShowBuildingAccessPoint)
  • Mods: Return the object current durability (usage count)(ModObject.GetObjectDurability)
  • Mods: Ability to set a variable as int from a string (ModVariable.SetVariableForObjectAsIntFromString)
  • Mods: Bots - Is the Bot currently learning (ModBot.GetIsLearning)
  • Mods: Bots - Is the Bot currently running a script (ModBot.GetIsRunningScript)
  • Mods: Storage - Ability to register for callback when object added to storage (ModStorage.RegisterForStorageAddedCallback)
  • Mods: Storage - Ability to register for callback when object taken from storage (ModStorage.RegisterForStorageTakenCallback)


  • The map now shows buildings and flooring.
  • Leeches and Bait now despawn when there's too many in the world.
  • Brain instruction palette defaults to visible at start.


  • Mods: ModStorage.AddToStorage bailed if storage item type not set
  • Mods: ModStorage.AddToStorage wouldn't always remove the object once added
  • Mods: Repair housing was allowed on fully repaired housing
  • Mods: Clothing would attach to the incorrect section of a colonist when using AddObjectToColonistHouse()
  • Mods: Custom Converter callback on complete now returns the object created UID
  • Mods: Defining upgrades from a Fueler to a custom converter would error
  • Mods: ModTiles.GetObjectTypeOnTile now accepts buildings
  • Mods: GetGameVersion() could crash in non-English languages.
  • In Planning Mode, moving an area and pressing delete at the same time would crash.
  • Holding CTRL in Edit->Move and clicking in the world would allow Blueprints to be added to Creative Mode.
  • Deleting the Transcendence Building after completing the game would remove all the Tier 8 folk from the Evolution Chart.
  • Bots nudging each other when coming out of the Bot Assembler would sometimes not move properly.
  • Bots couldn't change the output of the Bot Assembler.
  • Some Recording playback crashes.
  • Having a Space Port in a Recording could crash.
  • Loading a save file containing converters created in a mod, while that mod was disabled, could crash.
  • Adding ingredients in a Bucket to a Converter/Blueprint at the edge of the map could crash.
  • Silkworks didn't despawn when there were too many.
  • Vehicles could be offered as an Offworld Job when the player hadn't unlocked Cranes.
  • Bots could plant weeds where there were stumps.
  • Flooring could be placed under Waterwheels.




  • Mods: Get holdable objects UIDs on a tile specified (ModTiles.GetHoldableObjectUIDsOnTile)
  • Mods: Ability to repair colonist houses (ModObject.RepairColonistHouseWithObject)
  • Mods: Can now add an object to a colonist house (Accepts Food, Art, Education, Clothing, Medicine) (ModObject.AddObjectToColonistHouse)


  • Mods: AddToStorage/TakeFromStorage now work for Bots/Bot Storage
  • Mods: ModTiles.GetObjectUIDsOnTile now supports buildings not on origin tiles being returned
  • Mods: ModQuest.IsObjectTypeUnlocked would always return true
  • Mods: ModStorage.GetStorageProperties now has extra safety checks and erroring
  • Mods: ModStorage.GetStorageProperties would crash/exception if bad data passed in
  • Mods: ModPlayer.GetLocation could fail if called before player spawned
  • Mods: ModBuilding AddFuel, AddWater and AddEnergy now all return false if trying to over add once full
  • A crash would sometimes occur when chickens go in and out of a henhouse rapidly.
  • Chooks didn't jump in the correct direction when going into a Henhouse.
  • Assigning a bot to pickup from a bench, then change the Find to an area and it would still show that it's connected to the bench when using L.




  • Mods: Play a custom sound in a 3D location with volume and pitch setting (ModSound.PlayCustom3DSound)
  • Mods: Ability to add energy to a power building (e.g., StationaryEngine etc.) (ModBuilding.AddEnergy)
  • Mods: Ability to add water to a building that requires it (ModBuilding.AddWater)
  • Mods: Ability to add fuel to a building that requires it (ModBuilding.AddFuel)
  • Mods: Ability to drop all upgrades from player (ModPlayer.DropAllUpgrades)
  • Mods: Ability to drop all held objects from player (ModPlayer.DropAllHeldObjects)
  • Mods: Specifying Bot UID, ability to drop all held objects from any Bot (ModBot.DropAllHeldObjects)
  • Mods: Specifying Bot UID, ability to drop all upgrades from any Bot (ModBot.DropAllUpgrades)
  • Mods: Find a random location near a specified tile (ModTiles.GetRandomEmptyTileCoordinatesNear)
  • Mods: Get clothing UID from a specified UID object and clothing type (ModObject.GetClothingUIDOnObject)
  • Mods: Set visibility of any object in game (ModObject.SetObjectVisibility)
  • Mods: Set any object as active (Disables all functionality and sets invisible) (ModObject.SetObjectActive)


  • Un-selected Offworld missions can now be hovered over to get information about the mission.
  • Castle Walls now join up properly at junctions and corners.
  • Adding Paint to an Easel will now return the Metal Bucket.


  • Mods: GetStorageProperties() would cause error if used on unassigned storage
  • Mods: Custom sounds would not adhere to settings volume override
  • Mods: Clay container (dish) issue where it could return anything (like turf!) after eating.
  • Mods: Clay container (dish) not returned in some mods - added an error message to notify.
  • Mods: Buildings would not return a UID when used in mouse callback
  • Hovering over an un-selected Daily mission would crash.
  • It was possible to build taller storage than normal by moving a max stack while it was being built.
  • In the Autopedia, selecting Chook->Recipe Chook->Recipe Barn->Back->Back would crash.
  • Brick Arch Door, Brick Arch and Hedge Arch didn't act as walls when creating walled areas.
  • Cereal seed (and others) didn't appear in Wheelbarrows.
  • Recording playback could crash updating Seed Pod/Rehydrator.
  • A Bot Storage could become permanently broken if a mod fed it with Bots.




  • It was possible to unlock any locked object too early.
  • Backpacks couldn't be dragged between hot bar slots.
  • Text was sometimes scaled too big to fit in a Sign.
  • Old save files could sometimes not unlock all Certificates properly.
  • Attempting to catch a Silk Moth could crash.
  • Duplicating a rail track blueprint with one already in reserve could crash.
  • Bots couldn't detect when the Easel was Full/Not Full.




Space Port

  • Space Port added.
  • Off-world missions added.
  • Tokens and Artefacts added. Lots and lots of artefacts.
  • Dog added.
  • Instruments added.

Silk Production

  • Silkworm Station, Silkworms and Silk Moths added.
  • Raw Silk, Silk Thread and Silk Cloth added.
  • Mulberry Seed, Mulberry Seedling and Mulberry Tree added.

New Buildings

  • Pyramid added.
  • Castle added.
  • Spinning Mule added.
  • Ancient Stone Circle wonder added.

New items

  • Level 7 Art requirement added to Colonists.
  • Easel, Canvas, Art and Paints added.
  • Pills added.
  • Toy Train and Toy Spaceship added.
  • Tier 7 food added.
  • Encyclopedia added.
  • Tuxedo, Ballgown and Three-Piece Suit added.
  • Sign 3 added.


  • 4 new fish types added.
  • Mk3 Variant 4 bot added.
  • Gnome 6 added.
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